The STAR RAW LINSEED-OIL combined with siccatif, is used for wall oil-based priming. Using that we prepare a wall patty applied before the emulsion paint in order to make the surface smooth and without any irregularities.

  • Raw linseedoil + drying oils + SICCATIF (drier).
  • Contains white spirit.


Firstly we treat the wall with sandpaper No 100 or No 120 to remove any loose particles and impurities. The following putties can be prepared with STAR RAW LINSEED-OIL, according to customers needs:

α) Oil-based mixed: One coat leaving three days for drying, and repeat one more coat and leave for another three days and then rub.
β) Clear Primer: One coat leaving two days for drying
γ) Sertiko wall-putty: One coat leaving three days for drying and then rub with fine sandpaper.

Instructions for preparing the above putty:

1. Oil-based mix in 17 kg pot

To prepare the methylcellulose solution we dilute 3 Kgs of methylcellulose powder in 15 Kgs water and after preparing a thick liquid glue we use 5 Kg of it. Stir the mixture very well and apply 2 coats leeving 3 days as inter coat interval.
Methylcellulose solution 5 kg
Star Raw Linseed oil 3 kg
Star Siccatif 0.5 kg
Calcium carbonate 10-12 kg

Stir well until the desired liquidity ready for puttying. Each coat dries in three days in temperature above 25°C

2. Clear Primer in 17 kg pot

Star Raw Linseed oil 10 kg
Turpentine 6 kg
Star Siccatif 1 kg

Stir well and apply one coat leaving 2 days for drying.

3. Sertiko wall-putty

Star Raw Linseed oil 5 kg
Turpentine 10 kg
Star Siccatif 1.5 kg
Water 0.5 kg

Stir well and gradually add lithopone until mixture becomes thick enough.Finally add some calcium carbonate. Apply and let it dry for 3 days,then sand with No 400 sandpaper.

CAUTION: All above times can be much longer with low temparures and higher humidity.



Harmful vapours, can cause lung disease if swallowed.

Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking.

May cause sensitization by skin contact.

Repeated exposure may cause drowsiness and dizziness.

Toxic to aquatic organisms.

May cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not breathe vapours.

Use in well ventilated areas only.

If swallowed do not try vomiting but medical advice.

In case of contact to eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.