G.S. ANAGNOSTOPOULOS single membered company limited , under the trade name “STAR” has a history of more than 35 years in the Greek market. The founder of the company, George Anagnostopoulos firstly established in Istanbul / Turkey a factory/ refinery producing and distributing in the Turkish market since 1948 various seed oils as well as double boiled linseed oil according to the British Standard Specifications.

The production continues in the brand new and modernised factory in the city of Athens, in an area of 4.000 sq.m. Producing only high quality products can meet all requirements of the professionals.

Respecting the environmental protection, the company is one of the top producers and sellers of various siccatives ( extra fort), wood preservatives, yacht varnishes, , double boiled mixed oils etc and it is considered an important member in the Greek Industry.